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Decorated Gourmet Meal

Laporsha Chavers,



I have had a passion for food as long as I can remember. I started cooking with my grandmother at a very young age for Sunday dinners. As I grew older I started helping my mom and dad in the kitchen as well. Later in high school I started working in a kitchen where I really learned how much I loved cooking. I looked to all the senior chefs to learn everything I could possibly learn. From there on I became the chef of the family for many holidays, special occasions, and many different celebrations.

Since 2016 Pastry Field Cafe was born to fill a void in me as well as the industry bringing good healthy food to the industry. We can both eat nutritiously and enjoy what we eat. Pastry Field Cafe is a Black Owned business with a focus for food that is both good and good for you, providing healthy options alongside the quality pleasures. 

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